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Shannon Rabbitt
Shannon Rabbitt created Rabbitt Media to help you, the business owner, get the most out of a marketing budget without having to commit the time. Social Media is the new "norm" of advertising and marketing and it takes more time and energy than most people assume to effectively execute campaigns. Rabbitt Media takes the work out of work. Shannon has chosen not only her specialties, but also the tasks most enjoyable to her to offer as services. She enjoys the thrill of not only building, but maintaing and engaging an audience. This must stem from her love of the performing arts.

Shannon has come so far in this journey trying to find her calling and she couldn't be happier with where she has landed, but she claims her biggest accomplishment to date is motherhood!

Shannon can often be found on-site for her clients and enjoys building relationships within her community. Shannon believes we can all learn something from one another and build off of each other's success. Simply put, we can all scratch each other's backs! Shannon and Rabbitt Media would love to contribute to your success, we're ready!


"Your business is my business!"