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All services provided by Rabbitt Media are tailored to your business needs and goals, no services will be offered until an initial meeting has occured. During this meeting we will establish your goals, budget, and needs. Every service is availble individually or in a package of multiple services that is completely customizable. Don't Pay for what you don't need, let's only focus on what will make your business successful!
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    Social Media Management
    This is our specialty! This service is custom to each client and offers many levels of services for which any business needs to run successful marketing campaigns. It's all about content, knowing and building your audience, and reaching your goals to drive business to a whole new level!
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    Branding & Re-Branding
    Whether your business is just starting out or trying to create a new image, Rabbitt Media can help you every step of the way. Setting goals for what you would like to achieve will help us determine the best direction to steer your brand in.
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    Rabbitt Media excels in the creation and distribution of promotions. Promote your event, performance, night life, menu, or website. We will get the word out so that you don't have to!
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    E-mail Marketing
    Business is often driven by constant communication. Not everyone is on social media 24/7 and your information could get lost in the feeds. Keep your customers and clients in the know with a newsletter or informative email. Let us help with creating content and even distributing the information for you.
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    On-Site Media
    Rabbitt Media provides an employee on site at your events, grand openings, entertainment, or anything you chose! Skilled photographers and videographers will be assigned to you for the duration of your request to capture moments for your webiste, social media, etc. - the possiblities are endless!
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    Event Production
    Rabbitt Media will be there with you from start to finish when hosting an event. From planning, vendor referrals, marketing and promotions, to execution and on-site media, hey we will even help clean up!
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    Non-Profit Platforms
    Rabbitt Media is passionate about aiding Non-Profits in spreading their message and building an audience for their platform. Rabbitt Media is happy to extend our services at a discounted rate to Non-Profit Organizations seeking our services.
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    Rabbitt Media is capable of creating print, web, and media for the purpose of content, promotions, personal logos, you name it! If we can't do it, we will personally find you someone who can!
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    Artist Representation
    Allow Rabbitt Media to represent your image and be responsible for the upkeep of your reputation. We are happy to represent and manage a variety of clients from Musicians, Artists, Actors, Production Companies, and more! We can tailor a package of needed services from Social Media Management, Press Kits, Events, and Promotions.
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    Web Design
    Comprehensive web design and SEO for your company needs, what is social media worth if it's driving traffic to a website that is not appealing to your customers? Allow Rabbitt Media to design your website and increase your traffic and sales. Analytical reports to show success will be provided!
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    Public Relations
    Allow Rabbitt Media to construct Press Kits for your business, organization, or self. A big part of any brand is the right representation to the media. Rabbitt Media will create press kits to help you reach your target audience with the message you'd like to put out into the world. Do you have negative press? Let us bury it!
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    Content Curation
    Just need help with creating content for your website, social media, or blog? Rabbitt Media can help with that by creating a calendar, writing the content itself, or hosting training for you and your employees. Ask us how we can best help you!